The ORIGINAL website was created by professional photographer Dallas Dahms in September 2005. A forum was added in April of 2006 and the site continued to grow year on year.

In April 2014, a few months after Dallas stopped using Nikon products the original forum was merged with the new Fotozones website and forum he had created a year earlier. All forum content and memberships that had been established on over the years have been honoured and are still 100% in effect on Fotozones. If you purchased a Membership at any time or were granted a Life Membership for your contributions on Nikongear, that membership and login information is still valid on Fotozones.

If you have any difficulty re-establishing your login details please send us an email and we’ll re-connect you with the community you joined and enjoyed under the honest and friendly stewardship that Dallas cultivated throughout the history of the site.

This Nikongear marker site is your gateway to the original community. It will also serve as a repository for many of the Nikon camera and lens reviews that Dallas wrote for Nikongear over the years so that the search engines find this information. See the main menu and blog for links to those. Also, on the right sidebar you will find links to the most recent posts on the Fotozones forum.

The Fotozones forum is still the best and friendliest photography community out there, so we’d love to see you back again.

Login to your old account here.

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